Sail and Pleasure Boats
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Aargh Matey!   It's Mike Hale's Pirate Ship-- a fun ready-to-run model from Aquacraft.  Model has an auxiliary motor, and a 2 channel radio.  Mike has plans to install a six channel unit and then add some more features....

Al Hubbard's scratch built Cabin Cruiser.

Bill Michaels' schooner Jammon.  Model originally built by the late Steve Levesque, is 40 inches long, and is modified Chesapeake Bay Flattie design.

Bob Okerholm's Eastie, a 43 foot Eastbay Flybridge.  Model is 1/16 scale, about 33 inches long.  Model is scratch built, with an epoxy glass hull, deck, and flybridge.   The model was built from drawings hand drawn exclusively from pictures and brochures.